The most creative and entertaining condom ads

There are some things we just don't want to talk about, and condoms are one of them. Instead of looking at this as a problem, some condom companies are taking advantage of our discomfort with condoms and using this to create some very entertaining advertising. Here are ten of the most creative and entertaining condom ads from recent advertising campaigns.

1. The Perfect Opportunity
These Durex condom ads were strategically placed in toll gates so that people would have to push into images of strategically placed women's rear ends to enter the subway station.

2. Cover Yourself Why use traditional print advertising when you can just walk in the streets with condom shaped umbrellas and grab attention? Jontex Condoms does this brilliantly.

3. Any Place, Any Time
In Brazil, these Jontex floor stickers for condoms were used in public restrooms. The copy reads: You don't know when it can be necessary.

4. Tell the Truth! The copy on this hilarious ad from Durex Condoms reads: Have the sex you tell your friends you have!

5. Fits Any Head This interesting series of ads of from PlaySafe Condoms uses the copy: Fits Any Head.

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