10 tips to boost your pay packet

If you believe Robin Ryan, America's most popular career counselor, the largest raises you are likely to ever get are when you quit your current job for a higher paying one. Today, however, there are many people who manage good salary hikes without leaving their current job. Here are some tips that could help you break out of a low-raise rut:
  1. Remember, good performance always pays. So work hard, remain focused, and always show your willingness to take new responsibilities.
  2. If things are not going the right way, go for self-appraisal. Are you able to execute your work well? Does your employer value your work? Do you need to improve in some areas? If this is the case, first work on your shortcomings and then seek results.
  3. Keep getting your boss' feedback regarding your performance. This will help you identify both your weak and strong points.
  4. Are your seniors especially your boss aware of your performance? You might hate to brag, but the boss should know what you have been doing.
  5. Keep a list of your accomplishments and talk up the most impressive ones because appraisals often happen in a short span of time.. If you make the trailer impressive, the film may worth be a watch.
  6. If your organization goes by industry norm and current market conditions, try to find out what people are getting in similar organizations. Then build a solid case for yourself.
  7. If you have a boss who thinks that hikes are being given from his own pocket, try to join some other department which might have a liberal boss, provided you are comfortable with any change in your work profile.
  8. Sometimes talking to the senior management in your organization also helps, if you fool that you are being denied your due. But do support your case with facts and solid examples.
  9. One of the quickest and proven ways to get a hike is to get a competing job offer. But if things go wrong, you may have to leave your current job as well. Take this route if you are confident to play this card.
  10. If nothing seems to work, look for another job and negotiate your salary well. After all, Ryan has a point!


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