Mitsubishi concept car CX

Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi has released the first sketch of its Frankfurt bound concept crossover, the Concept-cX. It sports a look up front that's clearly evocative of the new Lancer, and its hatchback-style bodywork is set off by an upward-sweeping character line along its flank.
The Euro 5 emissions-compliant crossover will be powered by a 1.8L clean diesel engine that features a variable-geometry turbocharger, a diesel oxidation catalyst, and a diesel particulate filter. The economical power plant is mated to Mitsubishi's twin-clutch transmission, and its interior will make use of Mitsubishi's environmentally-friendly Green Plastic.

The 13-foot-long CUV also uses an electronic 4WD system and incorporates an SUV-style high seating position. No cargo capacity numbers have been given yet, but Mitsubishi did say that a split tailgate is used at the rear of the vehicle. We're sure that more info on the Concept-cX will become available closer to the start of the Frankfurt show. Follow the jump for the manufacturer's press release.


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