2009 Third Generation Gadgets

Vuzix widescreen

The Vuzix widescreen Iwear are goggles with two build in LCD screens. When you hook the Vuzix up to a MP4 player or mobile phone, the images will be shown on the LCD screens. The biggest advantage of this technology is that all your surroundings contain of the images you are watching. This can be compared of watching a movie in the theatres. A must have when you travel a lot.

The Powermat is not just a design door mat. It is a device which is capable of charging your phone or MP3 player without using any wires. You have read it right, it is a wireless power transmitter. Just put your device on the mat and it will charge. Your friends will be blown away.

Philips DCP951
This Philips DCP951 is a portable DVD Player, something we our used to these days. Still this one has managed to stand out from the rest. The screen for instance is HD-Ready which means a higher quality than all the competitors. Besides that there is the possibility to plug in several headphones at once, which would come in handy when you are watching together. The biggest feature though is the dock-in station for an iPhone. Just plug it in and watch all video content that there is on your phone.

Cinemin projector
It is a wonderful thing, the mini projector. They excist for over a while now, but most of them aren’t that good. The Cinemin Projector tackles all the problems of a mini projector. The light source is strong enough to project even during the day. Another stupid design flaw is tackled by Cinemin. Most of the mini projectors aren’t capable of beaming in different angles, so you would always have to put something underneath the device. That is no longer necessary with the Cinemin projector because it can flip.

Sony reader touch edition
Carrying heavy books in a backpack is no longer necessary with the Sony reader touch edition. eBooks already exist for a while now, but Sony is the first to come with a touch screen edition. Of course you could read books as well on a tabloid or laptop, but there is an advantage on reading on a Sony reader. The screen is adjusted in such a way that is seems as if you are reading regular pages. This makes it way more comfortable to read on a eBook than on a laptop.

Jabra Halo
The Jabra Halo is a headset from the 21st century. It works on Bluetooth so there are no wires or what so ever involved. It offers stereo sound, but it can also record your voice. This makes it a possible to have conversations by phone, without taking it out of your pocket. Even changing a song or volume doesn’t require your phone or MP3 player anymore.


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