Malaysian Tamils may turn to Tigers

The Tamils of Malaysia, complaining of prolonged oppression by the government, may turn to the LTTE for support and take up arms unless international pressure, particularly from India, compels the Badawi regime to change its attitude, some moderates among them have said, pointing out that several Malaysian Tamils support the LTTE and contribute to the Tigers' war machine in Sri Lanka.

In the massive rally of the Malaysian Indians in Kuala Lumpur on November 25, several protesters were seen carrying portraits of Mahatma Gandhi to show their faith in non violence. One of the leaders of that rally called by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), P.Waytha Moorthy, had declared that Gandhi was his role model and even went on satyagraha when arrested.

The police used force to disperse the protesters, which drew all round condemnation, including from TamilNadu chief minister M. Karunanidhi, who wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seeking India's intervention.

In an appeal to the Queen of England and the heads of the Commonwealth, Hindraf on November 25 said it had written "thousands of letters" to the Malaysian authorities pleading for equal opportunities for people of Indian origin, 95 per cent of them Tamils, but there was no response. "Our worst fears are we do not want these Tamils to be forced into terrorism like what is happening in Sri Lanka," said the Hindraff letter.

Former professor of University Kebangsaan Malaysia, P. Ramasamy, has also warned that the Malaysian Indians may turn to the LTTE if their grievances were not addressed. If their oppression and marginalization continued, Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran could soon replace Gandhi as their inspiration, said the university teacher, sacked for criticizing the government.

"Over 100,000 people gathered for that Sunday rally to give our petition to the British high commission despite the government blocking all entries to Kuala Lumpur and the police unleashing unprecedented repression to defeat our march. Hundreds of these protesters carried Gandhi portraits, which they bought from the shops even without being told to. It was a spontaneous gesture to demonstrate we are peaceful," recalled Mr Waytha Moorthy, speaking to this newspaper at his hotel in Chennai. He fled Malaysia a couple of days ago as the police allegedly prepared to arrest him under the draconian Internal Security Act, which meant jail without trial and bail.


Anonymous said…
I find this talk of Tamil Tigers and Gandhism quite perplexing. I am a Tamil from Tamil Nadu who has been to Malaysia a few times. I recognise that Tamils in Malaysia are among the most deprived, comparable to the plight of Malays in rural areas. I have been to both plantations and the interior of Malaysia and I know this for sure. Many Malays are poor in spite of having 'privileged' status because of the failure of their leaders, and the same applies to Tamil Indians, whose leaders in the coalition MIC are self-serving and corrupt. I do hope that both Malay and Indian poor get together and fight a common battle against a Government that is out of touch with its people rather than look at this as a community issue. Proverty is a common problem in the estates as well as in the kampongs.
Even then, I think the position of Tamils (Indians as a whole) in Malaysia is a lot better than in many other Asian countries. As a minority they hold many privileges, and there are temples everywhere (many built illegally). In fact, the number of temples in Malaysia is disproportionate to the number of Hindu population, and that is in a country where Islam is a state religion.
Flirting with the Tigers is not an option with Hindraf, it is already a reality. It is an open secret that the Tamils in Malaysia support the Tamil Tigers terrorist organisation, and that they pass through Malaysia for fund-raising and also as a stop-over before going elsewhere. Some Malaysian Indians abroad are in fact money laundrers for the Tigers.
This association with the Tigers will strike a dissonant chord with the Muslims in Malaysia. The Tigers are killers of Muslim Sri Lankans who stand in their way, and this is well documented. Also, the Tigers are being nurtured and fed by Mossad, a dangerous agent for instability in nations that they deem undesirable (for them).
I hope you will look into these facts very closely before advocating rash measures. Malaysia is a beautiful, multi-racial country where many interests have to be taken into consideration. The plight of Indians in Malaysia is a lot better than in many other countries, and please do not forget that your (my) ancestors left India for a better life, and many have found it there. Your lot there is better than many in India. I look forward to being in Malaysia again, but I would not like to see it ruined by a handful of misguided leaders.

- Sharmini

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