Where is god hiding?

As the parable goes, after creating human beings, God was very much in trouble because every human being would go on and on asking for His favours, day in and day out. No other creature would ever ask Him for so many favours, they were thankful for their existence and for the bounteous earth and did not bother God at all. Therefore God called a meeting of His entire high-level ministerial group. In this meeting all His ministers, old and young, were present.

The agenda was that the God was fedup with the frequent demands of all the men and women (and especially children!) and wanted to find a place where he could actually go hide Himself. One young minister suggested Mount Everest as the best place but that was ruled out by God. Very soon, He said, two men called Hilary and Tenzing would get there. Another minister suggested the moon as the ideal place but that was also ruled out, for, said God, with a weary air, very soon a human called Neil Armstrong would land there.

Finally a very old and experienced minister with a long white beard went up boldly to God and whispered something in His ear This immediately brightened up God's face and he said delightedly, "Now that's what I call a deep and cunning plan! I accept your suggestion and shall reward you handsomely for it!" Naturally, everybody present was eager to know what the old minister had suggested.

God waited for the clamour to die down and beaming broadly, revealed, "As per this wise minister's suggestion, I shall hide myself in the very heart of all human beings. I am very sure they will not be able to find me easily unless they overcome their ignorance, desires, ambitions and their greed."

And that's how it's been ever since. God lies in peace in each one of our hearts, but do we think of finding Him within ourselves? Instead we run about, looking for Him in temples, churches, masjids, wherever, but not where He is.


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