Reasons Why We Gain Weight

Are you at risk for creeping weight gain? Knowing is half the battle.

1. Diet. Regularly consuming too many calories, especially from high-fat foods and calorie-laden drinks.

2. Physical inactivity. Inactive people are more likely to carry excess body fat.

3. Genetics . If one or both of your parents is obese your risk rises by 25 percent.

4. Age. As we age we lose muscle to fat and our metabolism declines, reducing calorie needs.

5. Gender. Men expend 20 percent more calories than women, making weight control a tougher challenge for women.

6. Psychological factors. Some people overeat to cope with emotional problems.

7. Pregnancy. A woman’s weight can rise 4 to 6 pounds after each pregnancy.

8. Medications. Some corticosteroids and antidepressants can result in weight gain.

9. Illness. Any medical condition that leads to decreased activity can result in weight gain.

10. Quitting smoking. Smokers can gain up to 8 pounds when quitting


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