Rotating Skyscraper Unveiled

The Associated Press: Italian architect David Fisher said he is poised to start construction on a new skyscraper in Dubai that will be "the world's first building in motion,'' an 80 story tower with revolving floors that give it an ever shifting shape. (June 25)It may look like something out of a science fiction movie....But David Fisher showed up in New York Tuesday, saying that he was poised to build the world's first moving building in Dubai.

SOT: David Fisher, Architect and Creator of Dynamic Tower: "First of all, it's the first building that is being, that is dynamic, changing the shape. You can adjust the shape the way you like every given moment.

The model being pitched is an 80-story skyscraper with revolving floors ... That would provide residents with a constantly changing view of the Persian Gulf. A few apartments that would take up entire floors would be able to spin on command, the rest of the building rotated in patterns that could be altered over time.

SOT Fisher: It's designed by life, shaped by time. But movement isn't the only unique feature about this building, designers say they plan to build it all in a factory in Italy.... When its complete, they'll ship the structure to Dubai...where they hope it will be ready for offices and residents by 2010. And for those of you worried about getting dizzy?....Fisher says not to worry....he says the rotations will be slow enough that they won't be noticed.


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