Yoga time for Chihuahua!!!

Sometimes our darling pets join us in our daily activities so effortlessly as if they’ve been preparing for this moment their whole lives. Such is the case with the hilarious video you are about to see.

 It’s widely known that yoga is great for the mind, body and soul. But few people know that dogs are equally interested in holistic living as us humans. Any dog owner who has ever tried to work out while their beloved pup is in the vicinity will probably agree with me.

 While practicing Yoga in the presence of your pet dog, it would inquisitively circle around, sniffing and licking and trying to figure out why you are laying on the floor like that; others think its playtime, and try to initiate a game. But never before this video have I seen a dog so that reacts like this…This is uproarious! Yogis and non-yogis alike will get a good laugh out of the video below…enjoy!


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